Wednesday, August 8, 2018

5150 FIGURE CONVERSION - COG 4-Member Team Project, part 2

I finished assembling one of the COG team members, the team leader. Here are some photos of the build process:

First I laid out the parts that would be used to build the figure -

Next I glued the figure's legs to the base -

Then I assembled the two halves of the torso and set it aside to cure -

While the torso cured, I assembled the right arm, gluing the weapon to it -

While that cured, I worked on the left arm, gluing a clenched fist to the end of the forearm-

At this time I realized that I had forgotten to clip off the shoulder pauldrons from the sprue. They were going to be needed at the end of the build -

By this time the torso was ready to be attached to the legs -

After letting the torso/leg assembly cure for about a half an hour, I glued the right arm to the body, allowing the glue to cure before moving on -

Next the left arm was attached -

Then the head was added -

Finally, the shoulder pauldrons were glued on -

Some additional views -

All in all, the assembly of the figure is done, although, I might add some accessories, like ammo pouches and such.

I am going to start working on building the other three team members soon. I will post those builds once they are completed, then it will be on to painting them.


  1. Lot of work but can't complain about the result. Very good!

    1. Thanks Ed. Not really a lot of assembly work per figure. It's a lot of work if you do 10 figures at a time :)